Willards Volunteer Fire Company is composed of people just like you. Just like you, we have busy lives but we find ways to balance family, career, academic, and recreational pursuits with our fire company duties.  Many people are needed to continue the proud tradition of protecting our community.  The number of people in the department continues to dwindle due to relocation and other commitments.  While the majority of our volunteers are firefighters, there are many other positions that need to be filled including administrative, EMT's, and Ladies Auxiliary. 

While emergency work might be very difficult at times, it is among the most rewarding and satisfying experiences that life can offer.  Nothing is like being part of a team that saves lives.  Few organizations can offer the sense of camaraderie of a fire company. So if you are looking to join an organized team that has a well defined purpose, consider joining us. We are open to men and women at least 18 years of age in good physical health. 

All new members will serve a six month probationary period upon acceptance into the company.  An induction meeting will take place on the last Monday of the month with the WVFC Board of Trustees upon receipt of an application.  At this meeting all rules, regulations, and responsibilities regarding new members will be discussed. 

If you are interested in joining, you may download a membership application in PDF format.  (Requires Adobe Reader).  This application may be mailed or dropped off at Willards Volunteer Fire Company.  You may also stop into the firehouse and speak with any of the members for more information.
Benefits of Volunteering:
  • Save lives
  • Help your family, friends, and neighbors
  • Get involved in your community
  • 100% free training
  • Gear and equipment provided
  • Maryland state tax credits


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